What makes Funk so Funky? Physicists and Astrologers alike have been baffled by the question, let alone the answer. But here’s what makes funk real cool: how weird it gets. It is that dissonance, the weirdness of the whole thing, that makes it cool. Look at Parliament, you can’t convince me that those guys live in the real world.

And let’s face it, statistically speaking, being a conservative is a lame life. It is inherently tame. I feel like droopy dog every time I say “I don’t think we should be wasting taxpayer dollars… oh no.” So if I can be a cool conservative, a real funky one, if I pushed Republican Funk, maybe people won’t be so nonplussed by sound policy and enticed by the “ooh, shiny”-ness of Big Government.

If you know me, you know I have a lot to say. And my coworkers deserve a break from hearing it.


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