Five Reasons Paul Ryan is a Positive Pick

Romney & Ryan walking to a loop of “Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangster”

I am no Political Scientist here (the beakers and chemicals are for… recreation. Yeah, that’s the ticket) but I can call a bold pick when I see one and Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate is as bold as they come. Obviously the Republican Party, and especially the growing Conservative breed, is chocked full of candidates licking their lips to go toe to toe with Joe “Insert Gaff Here” Biden, but after an especially taxing primary, Romney selected the perfect sidekick to bolster his appeal with the doubters in the right field and the moderate midfield who questions Romney’s experience outside his governorship.

A note: had those despicable Boilermakers at Purdue University not scooped up IN Governor Mitch Daniels, I would have been lambasting Mitt for missing an easy pickup. As it is, we will have an opportunity to witness something totally unheard of: Cost-Effective Higher Education.

Matt Gross has already said that the Romney-Ryan ticket has an alliteration strength to win over the unemployed English Major constituency. But in the interest of those people who need 5 reasons to believe anything, here they are for why Ryan’s a quality pick.

5. The Kid Knows The Numbers

When you’re running as opposition to the biggest tax hike in American History (Read:Free Healthcare), it helps to draft the Chairman of the House Budget Committee. Ryan’s been sharpening his teeth on the easy target of Pelosicare (don’t be sexist, she did all the heavy lifting) and he’s built an arsenal of attacks against the behemoth. While Nancy says we need to pass it to know what’s in it, this cat accounted for every last penny and knows what a burden it will put on the nation. Anyone can recognize the urgency for universal healthcare’s repeal, he can put it in real terms.

Ryan has also been pumping out realistic budgets in 2008 and 2012. While we live in a post-budget country (ooh, shiny. Buy, buy, buy!), Ryan’s takes into account the fact that the country is nearly insolvent with a ballooning debt that all the other politicians forget in between elections. In short, Ryan’s a Conservative’s Conservative.

4. The Kid is Young

This is a strange one to point out, but Paul Ryan has been in politics for a little over a decade, which is a shockingly low number compared to some who wandered onto the hill and never found their way down (is Strom Thurmond still alive? Either way, I think he still is active in Congress). Such a young pick is a daring thing, but brings it’s own benefits. When you’ve barely been shaving in Washington, and kept a fairly low profile, you’re less likely to be sitting in the pocket of lobbies or found yourself embarrassingly involved in a hooker’s untimely death. Not saying that professional muckrakers won’t find out about the time that Paul didn’t call the girl the next day or the goat he sacrificed to join Delta Tau Delta (I hear they do that), but when a politician spends decades meandering the ivory halls, waiting for the call to the big time, it’s more likely they’ll find some trouble while they’re at it. Hopefully, embarrassing soundbites will be limited to his time working in the Wienermobile.

3. The Kid isn’t a Demographic Pin-Up

Extra, extra! White Male Politician slated for VEEP.

Not selling any papers? (What is, nowadays?) But he’s the important thing. Romney had the pick of the litter for the bench clearing brawl called the election of 2012. Between Marco Rubio, Condi Rice, Michele Bachmann, Bobby Jindal, Herman Cane (I wish), Mitt could have picked from any demographic to sure up weak points in his polling three months out.

And pandering with V.P. picks is common (E.G. Obama picking Biden to win the senile old coot vote). But the choice of a shining star in the Republican Party, without any sexy byline (except that he’s from Wisconsin, don’tjaknow?) next to his name, means that Romney is making this a straight fight between ideologies. And think about how the media would react if Romney had picked a candidate that wasn’t a white man. Even if his intention was to take on the best vp available, completely color and gender-blind, who among the democrooks in the media wouldn’t lambast him for pandering. (Clarification: I heard the word Democrook in a little bar in Illinois and it will forever be in my vernacular.)

This isn’t a cheap pick for name-power and to sway some independents, but Romney is bringing on someone he actually sees as a competent administrator and a stalwart figure as ally. He’s the real deal.

2. The Kid Wins

Mitt wants to win. So he brought on a winner. Paul Davis Ryan’s record is a pretty 7-0-0. (With four of those victories are against Jeffrey Thomas, and in a row, too, I think Jeffrey Thomas can be correctly identified as Ryan’s nemesis). He runs strong campaigns, keeps it clean, and has made Wisconsin’s 1st district his stomping ground. Maybe he’s been in too small a pond so far, but I like the confidence this type of politician brings to Romney’s campaign. They compliment each other well enough, with Romney’s weak experience outside the private sector and Massachusetts rounded by Ryan’s congressional career.

A side note: some article lambasted Ryan’s weak private sector experience. Compared to what? Since when has community organizer as our dear Barack Obama’s been private sector? I’d say that whatever you have to do to work in the Wienermobile and be allowed to leave is experience enough.

1. The Kid is The Big O’s Rival

Paul Ryan’s arch-nemesis (No, not Jeffrey Thomas) is Barack Obama. They’re opposites in the pit of their political cores. So much so that it is exemplified in the positions they’ve held (Paul Ryan is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and as president, Barack Obama has shown no concern for budgets). But Paul has made his name for lambasting the president’s fiscal shortsightedness all while offering realistic alternatives for the country. In Chicago, Barack Obama revealed his campaign’s fear by mentioning the V.P. already, accusing him of being the party’s “Ideological Leader.” This, from the leader of the free world, is a tacet admission that Obama is in fact intimidated by Paul Ryan’s gravitas. And coming from the man who single handedly united the Republican Party (against his own failing policies), I’d take this admission as a compliment.

-Brian Gross

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