Mitt Romney Speaks Truth To Power At NAACP

Can a confirmed conservative convince the chilly civil rights crowd of the merits of free-market capitalism? No, a recent study found, but he can damn well try.

Mitt Romney popped up in the crosshairs of the media today for being booed while giving a speech at the NAACP after mentioning that, yes, he still intends to repeal the nation’s largest tax-hike and Pelosi-Obama lovechild, universal healthcare. While I love how surprised most newspapers act about this (wait, you’re telling me they didn’t like that stance? Stop the presses!), today’s speech is actually a very telling moment for the presumed Republican nominee and his honesty of his campaign.

In today’s speech, Romney gave the same postions that he has given anywhere else in the country. In interviews, in town-halls, in small towns in Ohio and now in front of the NAACP, he makes it damn clear that he stands for a return to fiscal discipline, strong national security, and a reduction of superfluous and wasteful government programs, like free (except for the tax) healthcare. You’d think that the NAACP of all people would respect that Romney is not pandering to any one demographic. Especially Jesse Jackson, you know how he punishes “talking down to black people.” 

Mitt Romney used to be famous for his flip-flopping in the 2008 campaign, and now he’s Jim Carey from Liar Liar. He did not brush over or gussy up the plan (maybe we’ll… uh… fix obamacare?), but out-and-out calls the program “non-essential” as much as any other government program and will remove it.

Now that’s the candidate I want to see. For Mitt Romney to go into a lion’s den like that, in which he is going to make few friends and probably a good number of enemies, even before Barack Obama takes breaks between fundraisers to stop by, just to inform everyone that he has not changed his mind, that takes balls. Good thing he got in there before he ran across Jesse Jackson.


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